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"Mary Stewart's originality derives from her delineation of complex settings and character types, her use of a wide range of literary models, and her graceful and stylish prose."
—Kay Mussell, Fantasy and Reconciliation

"Mary Stewart's writing is magical, with every word and phrase carefully chosen for beauty and sound and shape. If this were not enough, Mrs. Stewart also writes a story of breathless excitement whose characters are ... of blood and bone, heart and mind ... one marvels at the exquisite evocation of scene."
Los Angeles Times

"Here is magical writing ... A story of breathless excitement ... seasoned with spirit and humor."
Los Angeles Times (on The Moon-Spinners)

"There are few to equal Mary Stewart as an entertainer."
Daily Telegraph

"The mistress of suspense-romance."
The New York Times

"Mary Stewart has instilled new life into the romantic suspense story and become the top-ranking novelist in this field."
Book Week

"Perils await every turning page."
Washington Post

"Most exciting...written with a pace which carries you on non-stop. The descriptions of the beautiful countryside are so cleverly interwoven with the story that they enrich without hindering it. ... It's hard to think of anyone more insistently readable than Mary Stewart; The Ivy Tree ... is as unput-downable as any of her previous novels ... No one writes the damsel-in-distress tale with greater charm or urgency."
The New York Times Book Review

"Readers of Mary Stewart mysteries will not be disappointed with The Moon-Spinners. As always she tangles them in suspense while their imaginations move in an unfamiliar countryside whose loveliness is made strangely lovelier by sudden, darkening mystery. They can be sure the heroine will be British, comely, and intelligent; the hero, British, strong, and understanding; there will be the usual nightmarish inability to distinguish between he good and the terribly wicked; tension will be vibrant, tight, and a touch of life will bloom on every incident and character. They can be confident of romance and humor and, with all that is expected, originality too."
—Pamela Marsh, "The Landscape of Suspense" in The Christian Science Monitor

"Those who have read and enjoyed the many novels of Mary Stewart...will not need to be told this is an expertly fashioned and continually absorbing story, with a facile imagination fleshing out the legend of the parentage of the future King Arthur--and, too, or Merlin himself. There is, besides, a fine feeling for the waters and mountains, the moods and mystery of its pre-historic Welsh setting."
Best Sellers (on The Crystal Cave)